Belgrade for young in heart


New Year‘s Eve as You Have Never Seen  5 days / 4 nights

Spend the 2020 New Year celebration in the shining capital of Serbia. Experience the most exciting and hilarious night-life in Europe – the most authentic night life. If you fancy to try some real spirit drinks, such as rakia, a drink which if the one once tries it, it’s inevitable will always want to taste it. And if you desire a mixture of mystery, adventure, knowledge and the time travel, head towards the secret paths of the ancient Romans. What about visiting Turkish and Austrohungarian fortresses? So much diverse offers for you to choose! And for that real winter feeling, simply go to the central public ice rink for ski and try your figure skating skills or simply enjoy collective happiness of the present atmosphere. Immerse yourself into the Belgrade rich and diverse music scene: Pop, rock, southeastern, oriental, electronic, classical music and many more. The best performers are no surprise. Enjoy yourself and with the beloved ones in Belgrade, the contemporary city with culture couture, but also traditional, youngsters, inspiration, delicious food, excellent music, fun time, surprises and good vibrations! Belgrade daily parties are the best way to get the proper warm up for before the night out, or simply having the best exciting day full of music and dancing. Experience Christmas and newyear’s holidays in an unforgettable way which will bring memories for entire life!

The city will shine and so you!