Journey to the past (P24)

Smederevo fortress was built in the period between 1428 and 1439, during despot Djuradj Brankovic reign. In 1459, the fortress was conquered by Otoman Empire which marked the end of the Serbian Medieval state. Today, the Smederevo fortress is considered to be the largest preserved of its kind, revealing Despot’s secrets to its visitors.

Visit Viminacium archaeological park, once the capital of Roman province Moesia Superior, see the bust of Constantine the Great and 17 more Roman emperors born in Serbia, and the amazing mosaic decorated floor. The tour starts with visits to the remains of a monumental imperial mausoleum and an amphitheater with 12,000 seats. Includes a visit to the scientific research center Domus Scientiarum, a reconstruction of a wealthy Roman citizen's home from the period between 1st and the 5th century featuring a library with more than 6,000 books, a gallery with an original frescoes founded in the tombs at this site, and busts of 18 Roman emperors born in Serbia, a fifth of all the Roman emperors. A special attraction is a pale-ontological park with a mammoth skeleton discovered at a depth of 27 meters (one million years old).

Visiting Medieval Golubac fortress built in the 14th century on Danube bank. As the border fortress with important strategic significance, many armies tried to overrun the Golubac fortress. Hear the story of the great battle in 1428. when one of the best Polish knights lost his life trying to conquer the Turks and take the fortress.

Duration: 7h
Included: Transportation, entry fees
Price per person: 255,00 €
Total amount: 255,00 €
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