Life is a miracle / Kusturica / Mecavnik village (P29)

Mecavnik is a town of dreams, a town which has turned an image of utopia into reality made by Emir Kustirica a famous film director. A wooden medieval fortress defending itself from all the forms of poison that attack society. Attraction of this authentic Serbian village is in its visual identity, architecture, film and music festivals, organic food, handcrafted products, galleries. Enjoy ride on Sargan Eight train, the Europe’s most attractive narrow gauge museum railway. Visit to village Kremna well known for the prophets and Zlatibor the most attractive mountain in Serbia known for its mild, sunny summers and winters, beautiful springs and warm autumns. Remarks: April – October due to Sargan eight train running time. If without Sargan train ride, available whole year.

Included: Transportation (230km OW), entry fees for Mecavnik and Sargan eight train, lunch
Price per person: 414,00 €
Total amount: 414,00 €
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