Metropolis of naive art and old crafts (P15)

Visit to the picturesque village of Kovacica, world famous with their naive art painting and old crafts, situated 50 km North from Belgrade. Kovacica was established approximately two centuries ago when a number of Slovak families migrated, and settled in then Austro-Hungarian Empire. Beside wotking in the fields, they started painting. In their works they show their emotions, habits and scenes from everyday life. The colors of the Sun and ripened wheat are the inspiration for the naive artists from Kovacica.
Visit to art galleries and to the home of the recognized violin maker. Beside the art of crafts this area is also known as birth place of a world renowned scientist Mihailo Pupin, who marked the whole epoch of significant inventions in science, as well as great humanitarian works and charities.

Duration: 6 – 7h
Included: Transportation, entry fees for Pupin museum and Naive art gallery, refreshment
Price per person: 246,00 €
Total amount: 246,00 €
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