Orthodox treasure and waterfalls (P23)

Get to know a long Serbian history through the architecture, manuscripts and frescoes as the great artistic achievement of Serbian monasteries. Visit to Manasija, Ravanica, Lisine waterfalls and to one of the most beautiful Serbian caves - will bring unforgettable experiences and make your day enjoyable.

Inside the Resavska cave, the speleological elements are mostly in white, yellow and red color, depend on the minerals through which water flows. The cave is 4.5 km long, 2830 m is explored in detail, and about 800 m are arranged for visitors. The temperature in Resavska cave is constant throughout the year and is + 7 ° C. Continue to waterfall Lisine. Lunch will be organized here, so you can enjoy in nature and food in the same time. Medieval monestery built in the 15th century preserves the tradition and secret of Serbian history. Also, this is very special and important place for architectural heritage. Built by Despot Stefan Lazarevic the church is surrounded by strong medieval fortress built at the same time to protect the church and people from incoming Turkish army. Visit to the Ravanica monastery from the 14th center where the relics of Serbian prince Lazar are kept.

Note: Full tour with Waterfalls and Cave available only from April to October; Tour Manasija and Ravanica Monasteries available whole year.

Duration: 12h
Included: Transportation, entry fees, lunch
Price per person: 336,00 €
Total amount: 336,00 €
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