Rolling deep in the night (P12)

"Enjoy the finest nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Europe's new capital of cool." (Times Online) Belgrade is one of the world’s wildest party destinations. The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, is known as “the city that never sleeps”. The exciting nightlife of Belgrade is gaining momentum. Discovering the city during the day is not enough. There is a lot more to experience in Belgrade when the sun is down. Belgrade will be experienced as a number one clubbing spot with magical atmosphere…Enjoy Belgrade night with other party guests of Belgrade – a city proclaimed as the best night life city by Lonely planet in 2011.

"If you're into clubbing holidays and have done the usual suspects, Serbia's capital Belgrade has come on to the radar quickly in recent years, developing an exciting, ever-changing cobweb of clubs and bars." (Times Online)
Belgrade's limitless nightlife options ensure there's something new to experience every night of the week. Belgrade - une ville proclamé comme la plus belle ville de la vie nocturne par Lonely Planet en 2011. Departures: after 9pm

Duration: 4h
Included: Escort, 3 clubs, 3 local alcoholic drinks,
Price per person: 111,00 €
Total amount: 111,00 €
Tax amount: