Wine & honey - Panonian plain (Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci) (P19)

Novi Sad, known as being a heaven of tranquility and tolerance, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, with natural elegance and old city charm. In Serbian language, the synonyms for the word sad (plantation) are: garden, yard and bed of flowers. One of the first impressions the city makes is that it is a city of well-tended beauty. Its architecture and spirit have been shaped by many a nation. Easy-going and surrounded by fertile lowland, Fruška Mountain and the Danube, this city is a pearl amongst the Serbian cities. It is also called the "Serbian Athens", the Danube River Gibraltar and is home to south-east Europe's largest music festival, EXIT which has earned a global reputation for its diversity and cutting-edge music.

Petrovaradin Fortress – The Fortress located across the Danube overlooking Novi Sad because of its strategic role through the centuries has long been known as the “Gibraltar of the Danube”. Today it is a town museum.

Fruška Gora is often compared to Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain) for its impressive complex of Serbian medieval monasteries of great beauty and priceless spiritual value. Ever since late middle ages, thick forests of Fruška Gora, protected by a mighty river Danube, offered shelter to Serbian spirituality, art and culture.

The town of Sremski Karlovci combines: history, religion, wine and beauty. It stood as the cultural, political and religious center of the Serbian people in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for two full centuries. This baroque town is a former seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Habsburg Monarchy. The town is also well known for wine, one variety being absolutely unique in the World – the Bermet.

Duration: 6-8h
Included: Transportation, entry fee, wine and honey tasting, lunch
Price per person: 273,00 €
Total amount: 273,00 €
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