Serbian Photo Safari (T11)

Price per person: 90,00 €
Total amount: 90,00 €
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Obed swamp, Zasavica  Nature reserve, *

Sounds far and exotic? No, it‘s not far from Belgrade. Due to beauty of nature in Serbia  this visit to two famous Nature Reserves will leave you breathless. Learn about wild and rare birds, buy the most expensive cheese in the world and enjoy abundance of colors and sounds of nature. Admirers of photo-safari will have true pleasure while the boat sailing. Relax, try fishing, sailing, watching and study of nature in this Special Nature Reserve Zasavica. The Obed swamp has been famous world-wide since the mid 19th century, when stories of a ‘bird heaven’ started. In 1989 it was declared the international Important Bird Area.

  • Departures: Tuesday, Sunday,  at 9h  from April to October
  • Duration : 6-7h
  • Included: English speaking guide, transportation, entry fees for Obedska bara +boat driving, Zasavica, lunch,

Price: 70 € - 2 Persons, 1 person 90 €